5 Essential Oils for Tinnitus: How to Use Them Effectively

Essential Oils for Tinnitus

Imagine having to experience a constant buzzing, whistling or ringing in your ears, all day long. It doesn’t give you a break or never seems to stop. It’s always there. No one else can hear it as it doesn’t come from an external source; only you can hear it. That’s called tinnitus. It’s a common condition these days, affecting about 1 in every 10 adults, especially those over 60 years.

Although tinnitus doesn’t have a known cure as of today, it can be managed, and the best way to do it is to use essential oils. But before we can look at some of the best essential oils you can use, let’s first see what this condition entails and its causes, and of course how the oils could help you.

Just What Is Tinnitus?

Simply put, tinnitus is a medical condition caused by the loss or damage of small sensory hair cells found in the cochlea, right in your inner ear. The damage may occur because of normal aging process or prolonged exposure to extremely loud noise. Medical experts believe that the condition might be a way of filling in missing sound frequencies by the brain that it no longer gets from its auditory system.

Other possible causes of tinnitus may be medications such as ibuprofen and diuretics, neck and head injuries, ear infection, foreign object, medical conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and traumatic brain injury.

Can Essential Oils Help with Tinnitus? How?

Essential oils are indeed beneficial when it comes to managing this medical condition. But how do they work? Well, depending on the type of essential oil you go with, the amount of noise coming will decrease significantly. Some stimulate your blood circulation, helping relax your nerve system; others try to regenerate your nerve cells thereby promoting the healing process; and others clean and detoxify your body, relaxing your brain and the entire body.

1. Cypress

Cypress oil

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Cypress can help you lessen the intensity of tinnitus to a significant level. It features a spicy hint of fresh clean and woody aroma that will leave you feeling naturally refreshed. It’s an essential oil that works by stimulating your blood circulation system, relaxing your nerve system with all the advantages of a healthy body. If you are a victim of a clogged ear that is caused by blood circulation problems, you better consider taking the cypress essential oil.

2. Helichrysum

This is an essential for hearing loss that can help regenerate your nerve cells. It is capable of promoting your body’s self healing process, allowing you to manage the condition effectively. In fact some ringing in the ear caused by nerve problems in the neck, the ear or other body parts, can be eliminated with a few drops of this essential oil giving you some relief quickly. It even goes further and acts on your skin to reduce inflammation for a healthy body. Spiritually, it has been used to restore physical as well as emotional health as it is known to have compounds that connect the body and the spirit.

3. Lavender

This essential oil for ears has a very sweet and distinct floral aroma that will sedate and relax your body instantly. Apart from the fact that it can be a great remedy for removing fear, stress, tension and even anxiety, it also reduces the effects of a clogged ear giving you more than you could ask for. By calming and soothing the body and the mind, this essential oil will greatly improve your body’s cellular regeneration and repair. Isn’t that amazing?

4. Juniper berry

Picture a pine scented essential oil but with more hot and peppery feel and you will have yourself the Juniper berry oil for tinnitus. It works on ringing ears by cleaning and detoxifying the body for a quick relief. After a good cleaning it will leave your blood circulation at its best, helping you restore a healthier body.

5. Rosemary

Here is another essential oil that offers a way out of the discomfort caused by clogged ears. It contains analgesic properties that are pretty useful when it comes to restoring your focus. If you have ever been affected by tinnitus, you know how annoying it can be and also how difficult it gets to focus on anything. This essential oil helps you manage that problem in your body.

How to use essential oil for tinnitus effectively

Direct Application Method

1. Start this method by first squeezing about 2 or 3 drops of pure essential oil on to a cotton ball.

2. Use a second fresh cotton ball and again squeeze out another set of 3 or 2 drops to it.

3. Now place the cotton ball gently in the ear lobe without pushing further into the ear canal. Make sure the cotton ball is placed to fit comfortably at the ear canal’s entrance. You can split a single cotton ball into two pieces in case you have smaller ears.

4. To make sure the essential oil effectively acts on your ear, sleep with the cotton balls throughout the night.

5. In the morning when you wake up, be sure to wash your ears with warm water after removing the cotton balls.

Herbal Steam Method

1. For this method you will need a towel, some hot water, a heatproof bowl and the essential oil of your choice.

2. Start by filling the heatproof bowl with hot water so that you fill about an inch of the bowl from the bottom.

3. Put in some 5 drops of the essential oil that you want to use into the hot water

4. Now cover the bowl with your towel over the head and move your face close to the bowl.

5. Finish by slowly inhaling the steam, taking deep and long breaths. Continue to do this for about ten minutes until when the water turns cold.

Inhalation Method

1. You can kick off this simple method by putting 5 drops of essential pure oils on your palms.

2. Then stimulate the healing power of the essential oil by gently rubbing your hands.

3. Next, place your face as close as you can to your palms without inhaling he essential oils themselves and then take a deep breath

4. Do this about five times to get a soothing and relaxing effect.

Vaporizer Method

1. For this method, get yourself an aromatherapy vaporizer or an oil diffuser.

2. Then start by squeezing about 2 drops of your essential oil directly onto the scent pad of your device leaving the device to run its fan so as to release the aroma into the air.

3. Make sure you inhale sufficient essential oil aroma in this process. By breathing in through the nose you will be able to give the aroma full access to your brain for a full body healing. This will also give you quick results considering the nose is connected to the ears.

4. Try out this method in a small room and do it while you are sited. This will give you maximum comfort and healing.

5. You can also use the vaporizer in your bedroom right before going to sleep. You will be able to get longer exposure to the aroma therapy of the essential oils and as a result you will get fast relief and also sleep soundly.

Blend Your Essential Oil with Synthetic Oil

1. This method can be done by first picking a carrier oil which is a base oil used to blend with the essential aromatherapy oil.

2. Use a small container to store the mixture. Make sure you use an amber bottle that will provide a dark environment that stores the oil in fresh conditions. In case you don’t have an amber jar use a mason jar.

3. Now take your carrier oil and measure about 1/8 of a cup before adding 15 drops of your essential oils including lavender, juniper berry and cypress. Also include 5 drops of helichrysum.

4. Make sure you close the lead to the bottle and thoroughly shake the ingredients together. Then allow the bottle to sit idle in a cold darks room for over 24 hours to enable the compounds to mix and combine well.

5. Finally, you can apply the mixture to heal tinnitus by soaking cotton balls with about 3 drops of the mixture before swabbing and rubbing on area around the ear lobes and the sides of the neck.

There you go!

You don’t have to suffer from tinnitus again if you can manage the condition effectively. You might not heal it completely but you can do something and reduce the annoying sounds. These essential oils will work wonders if you follow the right way to use them. As a general rule of thumb, get the essential oil that works for you and use your favorite method to apply it and you will enjoy the results.