Broccoli Seed Oil Benefits: Is It the Next Big Thing?

broccoli seed oil benefits
Broccoli Seed Oil Benefits

We all know that broccoli is good for our health, but very few people are aware that broccoli seed oil is even better for our bodies. That’s right! We are not talking about those cruciferous vegetables that everyone loves on their dinner plates; we are talking about the oil produced by the seeds.

The benefits of broccoli seed oil go beyond what you could imagine because of its exceptional blend of essential fatty acids, not to forget its powerful antioxidants. It is non-greasy, light and easily absorbed by the skin. In fact, the feel is similar to the silicones in hair and skin care products you might have used, but in this case healthier.

But before we can look at what broccoli seed oil has in store for you, let’s first understand what the oil is and something about the ingredients.

What is Broccoli Seed Oil?

This oil is simply made by cold-pressing tiny broccoli sprout seeds. If you are not familiar with the sprouts, they refer to small broccoli plants that are grown for around five days and then harvested for consumption. The seeds that remain are quite small but mighty when it comes to their powers.

What is the colour of this oil, and does it have any smell? Well, the oil has a pale greenish-yellow colour, and it smells just like broccoli. However, the smell is rather faint and tends to dissipate quickly.

Now let’s get to the ingredients, and what makes the broccoli seed oil a godsend. Do not forget that its powers are all about the fatty acids contained in the oil, which is why you will find most people using it for the skin and hair. The ingredients include:

  • Palmitic acid – 3.25%
  • Eicosenoic acid – 6%
  • Alpha-linolenic acid/ omega-3 fatty acid – 9%
  • Linoleic acid/ omega-6 fatty acid – 11.4%
  • Oleic acid/ omega-9 fatty acid – 13.5%
  • Euric acid - 43%
  • Vitamins A, C and K

6 Benefits of Broccoli Seed Oil

1. It’s a healthy beauty product

In today’s beauty industry, rarely will you find brands mentioning beauty product ingredients with silicone based ingredients. Wondering why all the fuss about silicone? Well there has been an ongoing debate by some beauty experts arguing that silicone-based products form a plastic like coating over the skin, preventing its natural functioning. This leads to skin irritation, especially for those people with really sensitive skin.

Now broccoli seed oil provides a healthy alternative to silicone based beauty products. It is meant for people who want a healthier option. It offers a combination of fatty acids and antioxidants that are easily absorbed into the skin to give you the same effect that silicone based-products would give you, but keeping it healthier.

2. It’s a great alternative to Retinol

Broccoli oil does not only contain antioxidants and fatty acids for your skin, it also has Vitamin A that is similar to the one found in Retinol prescriptions. There is a rising popularity of this oil being used as an alternative for over the counter retinol products. The difference is that, with broccoli seed oil, you don’t have to worry about any side effects. Retinol products can easily be bought over the counter but you must brace yourself for some side effects such as, skin irritation, sunlight sensitivity or some swelling and blistering. It depends with your skins sensitivity.

3. It helps prevents sunburns

Being a vegetable oil, this oil is already known for its powers as a natural treatment for cancer. According to various researches, it contains compounds that work to protect your skin from UV radiation and sunburn, which we all know are risk factors associated with cancer. When you apply it to your skin, the oil forms an enzyme that acts as protection against damage from UV radiation. Its compounds work at a cellular level to reduce inflammation and redness of the skin that is caused by excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

4. It gives an anti-aging effect

Do you want to look young and vibrant, even as you age? Well, this oil is a great remedy to ensure you age gracefully, just the way you want it! It contains linoleic acid that is responsible for synthesizing ceramide, a compound that promotes skin health and can be found naturally at the top skin layer. It works to regulate skin cells and protects it from loosing moisture, giving you nice, smooth skin.

5. Improves the health and appearance of your hair

We have already mentioned that broccoli seed oil moisturizes your skin to make you look younger. But that is not the whole story when it comes to its benefits. Research shows that there is a compound in broccoli seed oil that works to make your hair healthier and more appealing. Some of the ingredients that take credit for this include fatty acids and vitamins. They work in synergy to give you healthy and natural hair growth. If you make a habit out of applying broccoli oil to your hair, it will only be a matter of time before you notice some improvement on your hair. Amazing, right?

6. Treats dry hair and skin

Making your hair and skin shinier is one thing; treating dry hair and skin is another altogether. This oil works just like argan oil or coconut oil to treat both fine and thick hair. Its seed contains a good number of fatty acids that dry skin can benefit from especially if you want to get almost instant results. All you have to do is add a little bit of the oil to your daily make up routine and you will enjoy the outcome.

You can clearly see why broccoli seed oil is a godsend. As you have broccoli in your dinner plate, do not forget to stock up the seed oil as well. Not only will enjoy a smooth, moisturized skin with its use, you will also make your hair stronger and shinier. Your skin will not get old; it will age gracefully!